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Hospitality is our Purpose

Definition:  "The act of consciously supporting People on their Journeys."

We at Wine Country to Coast Vacation Rentals are thrilled you have chosen our properties and services. We look forward to providing you with impeccable service. Our staff has traveled the globe and truly understands what it takes to make your stay wonderful and seamless from check in to check out.

It takes a village to keep everything running smoothly. Below, please meet some of our

Karyn and Stace are Co-Owners. We have owned this company since 1994.

Karyn grew-up in the Dillon Beach area and started helping in her family's vacation rentals and store when she was 9!  Karyn has traveled the world and back! Put Karyn on a boat or near a Marina, anywhere in the world, and she is in her Happy Place! Always kind and integrous in nature, Karyn is the heart of our business.

Stacy was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a huge, funny, guitar and sports loving family! She worked for the City of Walnut Creek as an Arborist, ran the Recreation programs for the cities of Hercules and El Cerrito, and was a paramedic and owned a Safety Training company in Berkeley before coming to Wine Country to Coast in 2004. Stace is always looking for her next European adventure!

Thal is our Office Manager extraordinaire! She has lived all over the world and is a people person and problem solver. If you need anything, she is here for you! Thal has a B.A. in Filmmaking from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and has completed coursework towards her Masters Degree in Education through Sonoma State University. Thal is Greek and loves to go home to the Islands. She loves theater, from the seats or on the stage, and she is hilarious! Thal makes coming to work fun!

Val worked in the tech industry before joining our crew. She is Stacy's big sister and does a bit of everything fabulously. She will always go the extra mile to make your stay perfect! Val will happily dig into any project and always delivers! She is very kind, soft spoken yet very funny, and is, clearly, a cat person!

Dani comes to us from the Boston area! A Purdue University graduate, Dani is our resident "techie." She does a bit of everything including marketing, revenue management, accounting, systems analysis and more! Mention the Red Sox, and Dani loses her mind! Dani is also "wicked" funny!

Montana is the newest full time member of our office staff! With prior professional experience in vacation rentals and real estate, she works closely with Thal and our inspectors ensuring each home is well cared for and each renter experience the best it can be!

Our Inspectors:  Bridget, Ric and Robyn  -  Our team of inspectors are our eyes and ears out in the field! From checking homes after guests depart, completing post-clean walkthroughs, and prepping houses for incoming guests, our dedicated inspectors and their attention to detail are the primary reason for our consistent 5 Star reviews!

Our Handy Men: Bill and Andy. They keep your houses in tip-top shape! We could not do this without them. Rain or shine, 24/7, they are available for emergencies. These guys are dedicated to making sure your stay is nothing but smooth sailing for you and your guests!

Carlos and his crew are all Professional Cleaners and have worked with us since 2006! They know every inch of all of our houses and always score 5 Star reviews from our guests!

Kimmy and Darlene round out our crew. They take care of everything financial. They are kind, meticulous, and have huge hearts. Again, we could not do this without them. It's all in the details and they step up every day!

Our hope is you can relax into your vacation knowing there is a hospitality crew supporting each home, and every guest, to the very best of our abilities.

Enjoy your stay!!!